Monday, September 12, 2011

The New Film, “Contagion,” Infects the Public with FEAR

It is hard to say if fear is stronger motivating force on behavior than love, but certain movies tend to play into our fears in order to sell more tickets and to make more money. 

And sadly, the new movie "Contagion" may be the most powerful fear-mongering movie of the year.  It is the fictional story about an epidemic that spreads worldwide and that is a unique and never previously known mixture of a pig virus and a bat virus with a capability to infect humans. This new virus is shown to spread rapidly and to kill everyone it infects.

With an impressive list of A-list movie celebrities (Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Kate Winslet) and directed by the famed Steven Sodenbergh, this high-paced drama provides a compelling story that is particularly frightening because it seems so plausible, even though no such epidemic or near-epidemic of this type has ever occurred.

The serious problem with this movie is that it glorifies the U.S. Center for Disease Control (the CDC), and it demonizes a blogger (Jude Law) who rightly questions the integrity of the CDC, provides evidence that the World Health Organization (WHO) has proven links to Big Pharma, and raises big questions about the greediness of Big Pharma.

Much to my real surprise, the character who plays a CDC’s Deputy Director (Laurence Fishburne) actually says during a television interview that the CDC is investigating “homeopathic and other alternatives” in the treatment of this epidemic (I wish that there was evidence of this happening in real life).  However, he and the CDC focus their entire efforts on creating a new vaccine, while ignoring the real life possibility that this new virus may mutate, requiring new and ever-changing additional vaccines. 

The film reports initially that thousands of people are dying from this new virus, then hundreds of thousands, and then millions of people.  Rampant looting occurs, entire states are quarantined, and murder for food and medicines take place.  The film suggests that the very worst of human nature is brought out due to this epidemic. 

Although one can say that “this is only a movie” or “just a story”, the problem is that it creates an example of what people should expect from such a disaster.  As such, this movie’s fear-mongering creates an expectation that we all do NOT want to see happen ever. 

 More about this film…and homeopathy:

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